TIME Institute has been established in Malta with the aim to prepare young professionals to be flexible and international, and the executives to lead innovation or shift careers to fulfill quality life in a fast-changing world. TIME Institute is offering learning experiences that combine three elements: highly qualified content, leisure, and international networking opportunities.


Co-founders of TIME Institute are important international professionals with a large experience in education and with a strong link with the international labor market. The co-founders are LCA Law Firm, Adolfo Vannucci, Potenza&Partners and CPM Square ltd. Mr. Francesco Cappè serves as Head of Institution.


TIME Institute is a Higher Education Institution (License number 2020 -015) accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education authority qualified to issue European valid Degree Courses from MQF Level 5 to Level 8 according to the European Higher Education System. Furthermore, the degrees obtained with GY Academy have the facility of recognition in 30 Commonwealth countries as well.


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