What is GY Academy

GY Academy is a Higher Education Institution accredited by the NCFHE with the license number 2019 – 005 in Malta and has, therefore, the licence of providing academic credits (ECTS) valid in Europe, and with the facility of recognition in 30 Commonwealth countries.

Why GY Academy?

The traditional education is suffering worldwide from a fast-changing world. The digitalisation, the new technologies, the internationalisation of all the human life sectors are the challenges and opportunities that people are facing nowadays as they bring so many choices and so many decisions that it can get confusing at times especially for young individuals who need to decide their next steps in life. Furthermore, not knowing what the labour market will look like in 10 years from now, so many jobs might completely change or disappear and in this scenario the so-called soft skills (problem-solving, entrepreneurial spirit, team-oriented, interacting in a multicultural environment, etc.…) are becoming extremely important as well as to support the professional orientation of students.

What is GY Academy offering?

GY Academy is a life coaching academy that offers  ” Learning experience/programs” in Malta of various durations (from 2 weeks to 4 months or more) by combining:

Leisure (sailing, natural adventures, diving, sports experiences);

Vocational time (internships, mindfulness sessions, orientation seminars, professional counselling and coaching, improving English language skills, etc..) with;

Accredited learning hours (our accredited programs offer ECTS that can be recognized by Universities in Europe making your studies shorter);

GY Academy selects and implements the most innovative and closer to the labour market academic path. The academic modules should represent an “introductory”  learning moment, a mature outlook with which to absorb the benefit of Higher Education.