Smart Mind Program


1st of April 2019 until the end of October 2019 (2 Weeks – 6h/day, from Monday to Friday)


Malta – the Sunny, Safe, English Speaking Country in the Middle of the Mediterranean Region

Entry Requirements

16+Age and B1 English Level



Match your passion with international labour offers for a prosperous future;




Think Different Mindset tools

(2 h. every morning in the first week) on positive attitude, leadership skills, adaptability, resilience, performing in an international working environment, willingness to learn, communication skills and how thinking outside the box


Matching your passion with the most attractive professions ( 1:30 h. every morning the second week) as our Coach and experts will help students figure out who they are and what they want out of their education, career, passions and dreams.


Management of a Team Investment Fund(2 h. in the morning for two weeks) of a certain amount (deducted from the tuition fee of this program) to develop and implement projects and ideas emerging from teamwork.


And at the students choice


Sailing lessons –(4 times a week, 3 h/day for a period of two weeks) (Level 1 in the first week and Level 2 in the second week). The school is the only one in Malta affiliated with RYA (Royal Yachting Associations) and the certificates that are issued by them are internationally recognized;




English lessons-2h/day Monday to Friday – seek to improve students’ English skills in a great variety of discourse settings. Students develop communicative competence for social and work-related environments through interactive activities simulating real-life situations. Language skills addressed include listening, fluency development, oral intelligibility, reading, grammar, writing, and vocabulary development.





    1. Senior High School Students who want to take their time to invest in themselves prior to attending University or to decide what will be next for them in life; 2.Young students who started University or who just finished University or a Master Degree and prior to any professional activity.




  • It will give you a clear vision of what is next for you professionally and personally, as it will challenge you to leave your comfort zone, build on your strengths, and improve on your weaknesses
  • It will enhance and strengthen your soft skills that will bring a huge impact on your life while studying and/or working;
  • It will improve your level of English;
  • You will grow as a person as you will be discovering new passions, new goals, new skills.
  • You will become part of an international environment as you would be surrounded by people from various corners of the world;
  • Strengthen your self-confidence;
  • You have the possibility of choosing to participate in either Sailing lessons that will provide you with an internationally recognised sailing certificate or individual English lessons to improve your level of English;
  • You will be challenged to think differently and to push your creativity beyond your limits;
  • You will make amazing friendships and memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life;
  • Eventually; you will discover moves and develop mindsets that will improve your life.





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GY ACADEMY has the right not to commence the course if the minimum number of persons registered is not reached.

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Francesco Cappe

Selected by the European Commission, in 2013, as one of the 40 “Erasmus Alumni inspiring careers”, has worked as a high-level professional in privateand public entities within managerial and institutional functions. He is a former United Nations Official, having worked for 12 years as Head of Security policy, dialogue and innovation at UNICRI where for six years he was a member of the UN task force of the Secretary-general on counter-terrorism policies.He also worked as Senior Advisor for the General Confederation of the Italian Industries (Confindustria) and Chair of the Robert F. Kennedy Flagship on Mediterranean Challenges as well as Board member and CEO of international companies and Higher Education Institutions. He is co-founder and Chairman of the garagErasmus Foundation and coach in team building and creative thinking. You can find more information at