Group of people watching holographic of the earth. Astronomy concept.

In a fast-changing world, with the so-called 4th revolution knocking down some of our society certainties, education is the “battlefield” where the challenges can be transformed in opportunities. It is not by chance that the demand for education is increasing globally and at all levels while the offer is struggling to efficiently respond. It is widely accepted that education has to be reformed to include new flexible approaches and to move towards a tailored made learning experiences. Systems such as the Finnish and Swiss are leading the sector to this regard and they are a source of inspiration for other international public and private players.

We believe that there is an emerging role that can be played by private educational players (Higher Education Institutions, Universities…) by integrating traditional academic offer – whereas traditional players are slower to offer new solutions or not efficient to internationalise their offer – and to tailored-made academic courses for emerging professional communities, new professional trends and new needs.